Introducing Greeni - the greenest pencil in the world

Plant it! – The seed

Water it! – The sprout

Watch it grow! – The plant

Sorceri proudly presents: Greeni – the greenest pencil in the world!

Greeni is a completely biodegradable pencil that comes with one of seven different sorts of seeds. At the top end of Greeni you will find a water-soluble capsule containing seeds and a small dose of bio-fertilizer. When Greeni is too small to use you can turn it around and stick its top end in the soil. After watering your planted pencil for several days a seedling will develop that will grow into a splendid plant if you take good care of it.

Greeni is stylish, fun, completely biodegradable, CO² neutral and without any harmful substances.

How to use

On this page we will show you how to use Greeni. It’s simple, really.

Step 1: Your Greeni is shipped to your home, school or office. From now on you can use it as a regular pencil. Write, scribble, doodle as much as you like and don’t forget to sharpen it well.

Step 2: Your Greeni has been your loyal writing companion for a while. You sharpened it several times and now Greeni is really small. Any other pencil would soon be thrown away - not so Greeni! With Greeni the real fun starts here. You get yourself a jar with potting compost and stick Greeni’s end tip in the soil.

Step 3: Water Greeni well and put the jar on your windowsill. Keep the soil moist and wait until the magic begins.

Step 4: After a few days you will see that a little seedling peeks out of the soil. Water your seedling well and watch it grow.

Step 5: When your seedling has developed the first pair of leafs you can carefully shift it up to a bigger pot. You can either cultivate it further in a pot or wait until its strong enough to plant it outside in your yard.